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    with continuous working the trader will improve his trading method continuously.because he will be able to discover new and effective ways of trading. he should not loose faith and try more and more and trust in himself and should know that he will reach his goal finally and will start to trade like pro. and will make good profits.
    yes and according to my trading experience i have come to learn that it is not more of the trading system that bring the losses to a traders account but more of the trader that couses losses on his trades for they let their emotions come to their trading and thus affecting their trading decision in a negative way

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    the first thing you need to know before you start trading is that you have to start by making losses in your trades before you can make profits so even if you are making losses currently in your trades know that there is still a light at the end of the turnel

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    That's true, there is no final time, the time we think that we are really trading well in our forex and we forget to go further with learning, you will only remain the the particular level you are, but continuous learning using our demo account will really and drastically improve our trading habit.

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    the trader can improve his trading style always if he find that his trading style is not good ,with more learning and practice the trader will be able to trade better and will analyze the market better and so he will be able to set good trades in the proper time and proper situation and so this will give him good results and good profits.

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    nothing is for real final n how matter how the market is taking,if maybe you are making too much losses preprepared to get more profit because i know everyone like profit and if if you have made profits for long time also there is a room of improvement so continue wanting to learn more

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    Hello Kagho and how are you doing i like to red your kind of post because it gives a lot of strength to me especially in this bad time that i am in the business of forex where and when many things seems not to be working out well, yes, i believe that nothing is final my dear, i have failed so much in this business and i was thinking of giving up on the business , but there is something in the inside of me that keep telling me that i should look very well in the inside of me and see what i was doing wrong that has made me to fail in this business and that is what i am doing now , i see i have failed before but i never see myself as a failure .there is nothing like failure until you accept it so. thank you very much my dear.

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    Nothing is really final in fore trading market and I would want to let traders who loose money for many times know that their finality is not in loosing their money and so they should not give up but rather pull up their socks and learn from your mistakes become beter and earn money in profitable way so press on no matter the circumstances

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    Of course mate nothing is final in this business if we are losing then we can still grow up and can handle all of our trading lossse in forex. Trader's should never lose their hope and should try to learn from their experience. Here its important to know that only our learning would help us to do better correction in trading but if we are not learning and not doing correction then this can be always our final time in forex.

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    If there is anything which I have learn from this forex business then it is the fact that in life it is not good to give up , forex has thought me never to given up as long as I believe in what I am doing, forex market will go for hundreds of pips and to a new trader it wil be like it will never come down again but that is not true the same pairs that is trading high up today will soon come to kiss the lowest ebb of the market next week, forex is a teacher and I have known in this business that nothing is final in life.

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    yes instead of giving up on trading we should take the chance to learn from it and try to correct the mistake as the only misteke in forex trading is in repeating the mistake or in burring your head under the sand and assume as if nothing happened

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