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    Yes you are right it is like if one trading strategy does not work then you will have to change it as there is no meaning in sticking to the old things which are not really working.Forex is a changing world and nothing remains same.Things change for every moment in the forex market so you will have to make change in your trading also.

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    Yes, You are right. In Forex trading, market strategy changes day by day so we should adapt with market movement and take decision by time basis that seem like to make huge profit and did. So I think for achieving ultimate goal at Forex we must should learn about market knowledge it make us as processional trader.

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    yes.actually it is the compensate abstract.because there is no end of experience.a dealer can be real experienced but he can not say that his see is brimful and closing.the many he testament do the abstraction the solon he leave be older.he can say that his strategy is right but it is not unalterable.

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    this is correct no one final action. different time throw different problem and brilliant solution. basically when we face problem generally we become frustrated. this is not correct we should take patience and cool think and try to solve taking right decision. our study keep running to learn unique policy and technique.

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    Yes i totally agree with the title of the post that nothing is final. No matter what way you are using still there are ways to make it better. Also forex market is totally unpredictable anything can happen anytime, so a trader need to constantly update their trading and analyzing skill and trading knowledge.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dollmayo View Post
    When i accept ones stage. The greater we training, the harder we may in a position to provide a lot more accuracy and reliability in your investing. Also we have to boost the investing method with no depending very same method. Our own ongoing investing may bring us all to the home to be able to accomplishment.
    You think training well is not a result for the the success,accuracy you get in trading and how much reliable the market condition,of course you invest the money in forex market because you want the result,but sure we dance to your account with the good steps.

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    I see that every path leads to different goals but every goal has also different paths but atleast more than one. so if one cannot earn in his life from other works he can invest his time in forex and can get a better world of benefits out of it and in forex also there are different paths such as fundamental trading and technical trading so either way one can trade.

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    Yes if you have patience inside you then one day you will reach your target or dreams. Every day are not same , You will see good days and bad days during your forex trading career. If you have discipilne and patience then you can change your fate. But the main thing is you need to have patience within 3 years of research feild.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kagho View Post
    YES NOTHING IS FINAL and for this i mean that no matter how your trading is going on now, there is still another way of improving it and making it better and by not accepting this we are able to come up with options which improves our trading

    so for this for you to change your trading it will start with the mind so you have to change your thinking if you are to change your trading for the better

    Yes, I agree with your opinion. If you have to get profit from forex, then do not assume that it's over. You would still have to do the trade again, because the forex market is still there. The forex market will evolve over time. Do not get happy with what you get at this time. You must learn and learn every time you get a new thing.

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    It is very good to know this, and it takes the correction of the trader to move hi forward in this market. There are certainly nothing perfect for trading in this market, and when the trader get to work better with certain trading system they get after several hard learning in the market, it gets the trader success fatser.

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