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    Candle Bar

    Who is not familiar with the candlestick, candlestick chart is one type that exist in MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5, the standard view candlestick looks impressed mess up and down between the candlestick, but with this indicator all the above problems can be overcome because it will change the candlestick looks neat and not messy.
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    The candle stick is closely related to the bar chart.It also consist of four major prices high low open and close the opening and closing prices from the body of the candle stick to indicate that the opening was lower than the closing the body of the bar is left blank.In its original form the body was colored red the current standard electronic displays allow you to keep it blank.

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    yes the candelstick shart is a chart who give use the future way of the price between candels if we can read correctelly the candels but it need more knowledge and experience to ge the traduction of the ensemble of candels together and etch one, and if this indicator work worrectelly it will so helpfull.

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    Candlestick is indeed one of the most common chart setup among retail traders, due to the fact that it provides more details that are useful for short term analysis, I have tried my hands on other chart setup such as bar chart and line chart and believe you me I prefer candlestick over most of them.

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    from the screen shot you have, this is a good trading system if we can make sell when high and make buy when price on low. but for equity reasons we have to try this strategy with account demo and if it mastered after months we start to use this strategy for our real trading.

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    I do not trade using candles Japanese nor trade using technical analysis at all, I'm still a beginner in the forex market and trying for training and quality education and trying to follow all that is new in the forex market and still collect information about the forex market because I want to succeed in my trade in this market

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    Yes this custom indicators looks good.I think this indicator looks same like the heiken ashi candle charts.It is always better to apply the bar trend like indicator on the chart which helps us to find the major trend of the market.If you able to find the trend then the trading is very easy you have to sport the pullback and enter the trade.

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    Candlesticks chart is the best indicators and I am also trading with this candlesticks chart. If we able to understand candlesticks chart properly, then we can expect to become a good trader. So, I am trying to learn candlesticks movement with serious concern as I want to become a good trader and want to sustain in this profession in the long run with profit.

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    I suppose that the candlestick chart is a most better rapresentation of price in the chart. So, in other types of chart we cannot see such all picture like in the candlestick charts. The bar chart only rapresents only the high, low and open, close price. In this chart we do not see the bar dicrection. But with candlestick we can se the bar direction and totaly we can see the chart direction during some period of time.

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    Candlestick bars closely related. It also has four large low-cost, high heat Candlestick opening of the closed and open bar is closed, the unit price is lower than the body of the machine is empty. The first island of the current process in the form of electronic information that you can make it through.

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