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    This xmeter is very helpful for traders to understand the market movement and to follow the market pairs power we will understand that which pair is strong and which pair is weak. In this way we will be able to know the market bullish and bearish market trend. This type of indicators are the best way of trading that are lead us towards the success of this business.

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    the indicator maybe good for trading and let the trader to take good trading decision if he hesitate and do not know how to trade properly, the trader needs to build a good trading strategy also as this will be a good helpful for him, the trader will have a clear analysis of the market when he trades with good tools and so he can make money.

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    This colorful X-meter is good for businessmen, which helps businesses earn money on a daily basis. This indicator helps the trader to understand this market well and if you know the market strength and weaknesses, it is easy for you to understand this market and its tendency very well. This is a good way of trading and this index facilitates traders to easily gain daily profits in this market.

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    I think that using this indicator is not easy and can be used immediately but still have to learn it first to be able to know the advantages and disadvantages of this indicator because by understanding the workings in detail of this indicator it will be able to produce consistent profits, because the purpose is for the results of profits that can be consistent

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    I never use this indicator till now but looking very interesting I will use this indicator for sure it we are able to see 5,6 trading pairs in one shot then that's not a bad trading indicator
    it come the role of a good indicator to give use signale

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