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Thread: Comments on the contest "KingSize MT5"

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    King Size MT5 is a great contest and one of its kind. I have not seen any contest like this with any broker except roboforex. The winner is the person who took the greatest lot, does not matter whether he ended up in profit or loss or even if he blew his account. The key to win it i first increase your equity with small lots and in the end use big volume to end up in top 10 traders. I hope i can win with this strategy.

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    it is very good competetion but there is one thing i want to mention is that if some one score high and after that score he loose his bet than too he is considered eligible for prize.e.i if i buy usd/gbp and my balance reach 10000 after that i loose 9500 but than too i will get prize .is it fair

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    I am happy to be the champion 1 kingsize MT5 contest roboforex ,,, thanks, this is my very pleasant experience during the contest.

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    My lucky day

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    King site MT5 contest is very good and a best opportunities for zero to hero . A good traders can win this contest by using trader's trading strategy. I like contest and I am a regular participant of contest. But stop level 20% is not good for all of us. It is risky. Because of , sometimes we take high risk for take a good profit.

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