Spread Hilo Meter
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Thread: Spread Hilo Meter

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    Spread Hilo Meter

    This indicator is very useful for those of you who want to know the high, low, spreads and much more, with the help of this indicator allows you to know the high, low, spread, average quickly just by looking into the corner of the chart which is already fitted with this indicator. please download
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    this indicator is good and also measured by some good traders but to me i like to trade the moving average to trade in this currency pair these indicators moves with the chart and get the correct direction very some time but mostly we cannot understand them

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    This measure is a good indicator of a good trader and a currency pair to trade, but for me, i do want to trade the moving average, these indicators move the chart in the right direction for a while you can get very good, but in most cases we can not understand them

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    This is a very god thing to know, but i can still say that the developments of the trading chart has passed that, there are trading platforms that have that on their default trading interface, but as we think it is little, it can still help you to know the spread you want to pay to the broker in a blink of am eye.

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    This is a very god work, i can still say that the develop of the trading chart has passed that, this are trading platforms that have that on but as we think it is little, this can still help you to know the mtb4 why worked

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    Thanks fro this good indicator many trader don't know even how to calculate the spread in each and every pair and sometime they do trade with high spread pairs where they earn very less profit within very high brokerage this is looking a very good indicator for them

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    Thank you for this indicator
    But I most of the time the best trading without indicators, after a long experience with Forex
    Because I think that so far the index is the same screen price moves with the price indicator to show you in the form of a new change in price, and if there is no change in the index find any benefit from it
    So do not rely on indicators, but I relied on only two Hiin support and resistance Smaller channels and these are all baptized them now

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    Thanks for shearing the helpful indicator. but it shows spread in a digit and roboforex pro cent or pro type account has 2 digit spread . i mean it only show spread 2 or 3. but it will be more helpful and user friendly if it shows 2 digit spread like 1.8 or 3.4 spread. although it is helpful for fix type account. can any one share me a indicator which shows 2 digit spread.

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    To count the spread right? It is good, but believe me it is not a basic thing in the market, if i glance through the pointer on the right side corner of the mt4 trading chart, i can calculate the spread on the market i want to enter just within 1 second, this is not a thing i will be needing for my trading success.

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    no matter whether a few individual not truly know That , simply drop question , when i remember i have watched an online video media About it that explain This has properly , when i hope no matter whether my partner and i competent to pick the Affiliate , we may share throughout almost all involving people

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