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    Sascha, its also good because this can cause of loss and failure also when we do many things at same time, if i am working on technical other will say fundamental it best i start to fundamental if 3rd one will say candlestick are best i start them, i think we should do one thing first then move to second, learning is process of consistent practice actually

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    Quote Originally Posted by Value trader View Post
    First, if we see rising trend (or falling trend), we may watch – does this trend contain large ticks (in the direction of the trend)? If answer is «yes», we may expect this trend to continue after some consolidation or pullback.
    Then, if market is going down, we may see – does this price action have large ticks to the opposite direction? If answer is positive, it also can be a sign of buyer that is stepping in this market. We also can see large ticks in the counter-trend direction, but it is usually sign of liquidation not accumulation. To join new wave of a trend, we want to see accumulation rather than liquidation.
    this remains as an assumption in this business while the fact of it remains uncovered and not stable. we can not assume to this as a vital rule to measure market trend because reading ticks is just one of many other methods we can do to find our own trading opportunities. if we misses this one method, we still can find another one that suit us more and can give us better way to learn how to create and develop the strategy.

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