Friends, here I want to leave a short review about the robot. I bought a robot on ebay and started trading as instructed on GBPUSD. First I tested it in the strategy tester. The results were very pleasing. Then I started on a real account. 18 days have passed, and as a result of trading, I can say that the robot is making a profit. But the profit is not as big as on the strategy tester. In the strategy tester, the robot brought me more than $75,000 in 1 month. But in real terms, the results are different. I started trading with $1100. After 18 days, I now have $2374 in my account. Of course I'm not complaining. I really like the result. But it is different from the strategy tester and I understand that in another 12 days it will certainly not bring me $70,000. But on the other hand, I am very glad that the bot brought more than 100% profit in 18 days. Drawdown 12%. I will test the robot further and update this review from time to time.

I am attaching the robot file to the message so that you can install the bot and start trading too! Good luck and big profits!