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    Target average signal yield 90% — 150% per year.
    For 2000$ max drawdown is 26%
    Lot 0.1
    Cent account.

    We got out of the drawdown on two accounts and decided to re-create the main account, and on the second one I continue testing the new strategy. The main thing is that such strong trends were able to withstand on all fronts. The main account, which was the most important, ended up with a plus for 10 months of $ 19,500, although in fact it would have been about $ 22,000. I decided to close 2 pairs at breakeven, although I did not wait just a couple of days for this profit. In two months, on August 23, the main account of real trading will be a year old. Attached are screenshots from the MAM trading account.
    What else I want to add, the strategy is unique, there is no one like it and it is not like the others. Accordingly, the less people copy it, the better its performance and not so the bulk of the market will turn against it. All profit!

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    Week 20.06.22 to 26.06.22 + 1.42%
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    This account has been specially created for constant professional stable income.
    This account is not a rollercoaster to enjoy momentary profits.
    We all know how to trade and get super profits, but none of us can show stability for years.
    Making 3000% in a month is easy, but making 50-90% in 1 year is not possible.
    The essence of trading on this account is not to look and worry about trading every week, but to steadily increase capital for great goals!

    Target average signal yield 90% — 150% per year.
    For 200 000$ max drawdown is 26% with lot 0.1
    This account is a proper signal for copy, risks will never change - lot 0.1 stable start lot.
    If you want to copy for 10 000$ you have to make risks 10 times lower

    Best combination of all sys.
    Tests for 22years of history.
    Algorithmic strategies across different timeframes to enable strategy and timeframe diversification. In order to reduce account risk further, portfolio diversification is improved by trading over 20 financial assets across the combined strategies.Each of the sys passes in TSD2 22 years of the test. A lot of work has been done over the years to achieve this result.
    High spreads of broker eat 50% of profit target (for example pair GBPCAD spread 50pips) on other brokers profit target is about x2 high.
    This account is not created

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    Week#6 27.06.22 to 03.07.22 + 0.54%
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    Week#7 04.07.22 to 10.07.22 +0.98%
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    Week #8 Gain : +2.03%
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    Week #9 +2.34%
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    Target average signal yield 90% — 150% per year.
    Investors who wish to join, please open a separate account with these settings:
    ■Account Type: MT4ProCent
    ■Leverage: 1:500
    ■Affiliate code: rkwf

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    week #11 +3.75%
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    Week #12 +2.04%
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