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    Target average signal yield 90% — 150% per year.
    For 2000$ max drawdown is 26%
    Lot 0.1
    Cent account.

    We got out of the drawdown on two accounts and decided to re-create the main account, and on the second one I continue testing the new strategy. The main thing is that such strong trends were able to withstand on all fronts. The main account, which was the most important, ended up with a plus for 10 months of $ 19,500, although in fact it would have been about $ 22,000. I decided to close 2 pairs at breakeven, although I did not wait just a couple of days for this profit. In two months, on August 23, the main account of real trading will be a year old. Attached are screenshots from the MAM trading account.
    What else I want to add, the strategy is unique, there is no one like it and it is not like the others. Accordingly, the less people copy it, the better its performance and not so the bulk of the market will turn against it. All profit!

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