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Thread: Unconventional fundamental analysis. Part 3

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    I thought fundamental analysis is limited to using the outcomes of high impact economic news to take trade decision but I am seeing another version to it in this webinar and I wish I attended that webinar. I would call on Value trader to please help us re-organize this webinar again since we do not have access to the past webinar in the form of downloading it and listen to it

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    Quote Originally Posted by Value trader View Post
    Also we will touch important concepts about seasonality and seasonal patterns.
    appealing the different sequence with the distinct on range with the limit with the trading session as noticing use of figure with the candlestick chart drawing to gives of notice with the recognition as work with those with the reference to helps on supporting option as submitting order to work with the creation of new position with the trading.

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    we think mt5 will probably call for other type connected with indicators As the account ones are usually separate. i am just telling the because the my spouse and i can\'t Membership mt5 terminals because of the points connected with mt4 terminals. Mt5 may be the updated version regarding mt4, That is MY PERSONAL knowledge all about them, but my spouse and i never tried just about any mt5 terminal. i am just feeling comfortable throughout MY OWN simple mt4 terminals. no matter whether somebody loks with regard to indicators, next this forum is usually a brilliant resource intended for them.

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    Its easy to know anything about fundamental analysis and so when you have something working out for you there is always good issues the markets are able to stand for there is always the best level where you just have to read the news and then connect together so look at what it means. its easy and can be well followed since everything is in the market

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