Здесь всегда так тихо?
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Thread: Здесь всегда так тихо?

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    Здесь всегда так тихо?

    I am an old member of a long-closed Russian-speaking forum.
    Registered here hoping to find at least one of my old friends.
    Alas, no luck.
    The only thing that pleased me was that on the day of registration I met with one old acquaintance. He and here Supermoderator!
    I remembered him, he remembered me, we talked, he helped with something... Little things, but nice.
    But, unfortunately, I do not see a single topic in which there could be live communication. So intended? Or did I search badly?

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    The Russian forum was killed a long time ago. I remember you well, those best days of the Russian forum are in the past. The English language forum is just boring.

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