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    Faberge - EA Traiding

    Sorry for my English, this was translated through an auto-translator

    Commission type: for profit
    Commission size: 30%
    Minimum deposit: $ 100
    Investment period: One week
    Affiliate Commission: 10%

    Leverage: 1: 1000
    Copy mode: proportional, depending on the invested funds.
    Trading mode: round the clock. You must use a VPS server.

    Description of the strategy:
    Automatic trading with the Author's Advisor. Trading is based on the idea of ​​trend trading based on signals from indicators and candlestick patterns. In case of false signals of market quotes, the EA uses the position averaging system. Averaging in the EA is provided with a dynamic step for additional filtering by indicators and entry signal patterns. This averaging system has a positive side (there are no frequent averaging orders, smooth drawdown in case of deep opposite price movements), which makes it possible to control the current state of the market and make a decision. But also open orders can remain open for a long time in the market, which contributes to a set of positions for different trading instruments, creating a load on the deposit. The Expert Advisor controls the number of orders in the grid and the drawdown for individual currency pairs and can limit the opening of orders by these filters.
    The EA loves trends with pullbacks; it can gain positions on strong trend movements and flat. Stagnation can last up to 3 months (historical data). Therefore, it is necessary to consider investments in copying this signal for a long period of 3 months or more.
    To increase profits, the EA has an automatic calculation of the lot size depending on the account balance.
    The Expert Advisor has been tested on historical quotes on 10 currency pairs - major majors and pairs with the Japanese yen. The monthly profit, according to the test results, is 7-10%. For the year with compound interest, the yield is more than 100%.

    [B] None of the strategies are immune to trading and other risks. You decide at your own risk to copy this signal. [/ B]

    Ask questions and discussions in this thread.
    Trading reports - weekly.

    Тип комиссии: на прибыли
    Размер комиссии: 30 %
    Минимальный взнос: 100 USD
    Инвестиционный период: Одна неделя
    Партнерская комиссия: 10 %

    Тип счета: CENT AFFILIATE / USD
    Плечо: 1:1000
    Режим копирования: пропорциональный, в зависимости от вложенных средств.
    Режим торговли: круглосуточный. Необходимо использование VPS-сервера.

    Описание стратегии:
    Автоматическая торговля Авторским советником. В основе торговли заложена идея торговли по тренду по сигналам индикаторов и свечных паттернов. При ложных сигналах рыночных котировок советником применяется система усреднения позиции. Усреднение в советнике предусмотрено с динамическим шагом по дополнительной фильтрации индикаторами и паттернами сигналов на вход. Такая система усреднения имеет положительную сторону (отсутствует частые ордера на усреднение, плавная просадка при глубоких противоположных движениях цены) дающую возможность проконтролировать текущее состояние рынка и принять решение. Но так же открытые ордера могут надолго оставаться открытыми в рынке, что способствует набору позиций по разным торговым инструментам, создавая нагрузку на депозит. Советник контролирует количество ордеров в сетке и просадку по отдельным валютным парам и может ограничить открытие ордеров по данным фильтрам.
    Советник любит тренды с откатами, на сильных трендовых движениях и флете может набирать позиции. Стагнация может длится до 3 месяцев (исторические данные). Поэтому рассматривать инвестиции в копирование этого сигнала необходимо на длительный период от 3 месяцев и выше.
    Для повышения прибыли в советнике заложена автоматический расчет размера лота в зависимости от баланса счета.
    Советник прошел тестирование на исторических котировках на 10 валютных парах- основные мажоры и пары с японской иеной. Месячная прибыль, по результатам тестов, 7-10%. За год при сложных процентах доходность более 100%.

    Ни одна из стратегий не застрахована от торговых и прочих рисков. Вы сами принимаете решение на свой страх и риск о копировании данного сигнала.

    Вопросы и обсуждения задавайте в этой ветке.
    Торговые отчеты- еженедельно.
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    Profit in total: + 5.28%
    Profit for the week: + 2.36%

    The trading strategy has shown a good trading result for the week. Most of the orders are closed with a profit. Open orders with a floating drawdown are waiting for the price rollback. I continue to trade automatically.

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    Profit in total: + 7.07%
    Profit for the week: + 1.54%

    Profitability is in negative territory due to open positions. This is a standard situation for the principle of the advisor's algorithm. Open positions are always present in this strategy, creating a floating drawdown, thereby reducing the profitability in the statistical indicators of the signal.

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    Profit in total: + 9,11%
    Profit for the week: + 1,9%
    Profit Factor: 5.28
    Profitability: 90%

    Another week of trading on the Faberge account has passed. The trade is fully consistent with the tests carried out and the trading results verified on the demo.
    Profit and drawdown results in terms of inherent risks and MM.

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    Profit in total: + 12,28%
    Profit for the week: + 2,91%
    Profit Factor: 6,39
    Profitability: 89%

    Everything goes according to plan.

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    Profit in total: + 13,98%
    Profit for the week: + 1,52%
    Profit Factor: 5,0
    Profitability: 88%

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    During the Christmas and New Year holidays, trading risks will be reduced. Trading will be carried out only on instruments for which orders have already been opened.
    All profit.

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    Colleagues, friends. Happy New Year to everyone! I would like to wish everyone great achievements, good mood, traders to find their strategy, investors - to find their trader, and all great health, love, good luck and a big DREAM.

    - - - Updated - - -

    Profit in total: + 14,89%
    Profit for the week: + 0,9%
    Profit Factor: 4,13
    Profitability: 87%

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    Greetings to everyone in the new year 2022. I would like to tell you about the trading capabilities of the Expert Advisor and plans for managing the Faberge trading account.
    When creating an advisor, the idea of ​​the maximum possible peace of mind for a trader was laid. The EA is trending, but if the entry fails, the position averaging mode is activated. Testing and optimization of settings made it possible to select settings with a minimum number of averaging on historical quotes. Of course, the lifetime of open orders with this approach can sometimes reach 30-100 days. But in this way it was possible to achieve a controlled behavior of the advisor even with a large number of gained positions.
    This is how the selected currency pairs and settings for them turned out.
    Today the EA trades with the medium aggressiveness settings. But during periods of high volatility in the foreign exchange market, trading risks will decrease. All decisions about trading risks are made depending on the market situation.
    Thanks to the tests carried out by the advisor on a 5-year history period and trading on a demo account and a real trading account, the planned profitability for the next trading year with an average profitability of 7% per month and compound interest will be more than 100% per annum (example of calculation in the table below).

    If you have any questions, write in this thread.
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    Trading report by the "Faberge" EA for the period 03-07 January 2022.

    Profit in total: + 15,99%
    Profit for the week: + 0,96%
    Profit Factor: 4,36
    Profitability: 88%

    Trading during the holidays was calm. I am slowly connecting currency pairs to trading. In a week, the advisor will return to its normal operating mode.

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