(Ukrainian) Copying trades
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    Oct 2021

    Copying trades

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    I am not able to copy the traders can u explain me!
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    To start copying trades via CopyFX program, the Investor has to do the following:

    - Open trading account https://my.roboforex.com/en/trading-...ading-account/
    - Deposit at least 100 USD to the account https://my.roboforex.com/en/operations/deposit-funds/
    - Choose the Trader from the Rating https://my.roboforex.com/en/copyfx/providers/
    - Subscribe to the Trader’s account

    If you have followed the steps and you are not able to subscribe to a Trader, please send us a ticket via your Members Area https://my.roboforex.com/en/help/add-a-ticket/ or via email at info@roboforex.com
    We would also appreciate any screenshots in the ticket or email - the more details we have, the faster we can help you.

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