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    DIfferent results


    I am using Scalper 2025, i have 16 identical robots across 4 different VPS servers on 16 different MT4/programs.

    They were running all very well, until yesterday; EUR/USD rose very hard, the result is that 13 out of 16 are almost blown up, there are 3 robots that still doing steady profits.

    All my accounts/funds are on 1 broker, how is it possible that 13 robots crashed and 3 did not?

    3 MT4/programs keep doing profits, but the rest are crashed? All same settings/robot, the leverage is all 1:500.

    Can anyone please help me?

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    Hello there!

    Kindly inform us is it related to RoboForex(your accounts, since you did not mention it), if so we will ask the technical team to look into it.

    Thank you

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