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    This bank is one of the best banks in the moment but the problem is that he does not have a lot of licenses which gives him great credibility as other banks such as Bank Moneybokr and I prefer to rely on the bank by the licenses so great is not the reality of the problem, such as that occurred in the Bank of Liberty and lost from for it often

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    Quote Originally Posted by widhie75 View Post
    Important rule for me about E-payment,, never keep the money for long time. If we receive money from broker or else, then withdraw it to our local bank as soon as we can.
    I learn from my mistake, I lost money in LR just few days after withdrawal from broker (LR suddenly being shutdown).
    It's not big money (just few dollar), but it feels like been robbed.

    This Webmoney have really good protection/security, but use it carefully, because I read on web article, 2 month ago Webmoney already being investigated.

    I can't give any link here. but we can search google with keyword "Webmoney investigated RAPSI reporting violations".
    Just search it and maybe some member here will discuss this issue.
    Webmoney is one of the oldest electronic money, hopefully it doesn't closed like LibertyReserve.
    They got problem on June, $7,5 million were frozen
    Google this: Ukraine freezes $7.5 million in Web Money-linked companies bank accounts

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    I love this payment processor due to the safety it has, even if some one gets to my id and password he cannot send the money to any other account until sms code is entered - this feature is just great and so our money in our wm account is safe.

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    I have created account with webmoney also and the service pf webmoney is good. Webmoney is one of the most leading online payment processor that is accepted by almost all of the brokers. Even robofoex also accept this payment processor which encourages us to use webmoney.

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    WebMoney is one of the means of payment that fast, it only took a few moments to make a deposit through WebMoney, I have proved,

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    Quote Originally Posted by rinaji View Post
    Until now, WebMoney is ecurrency pretty much used to process deposit and withdraw in forex, I also have several times using WebMoney to deposit and withdraw, but one thing I am confused is how to get a personal passport? Is the formal passport will be safe for the future without any problems?.
    that formal passport you have is all you need to operate your webmoney purse, you dont need to bother about those other passport except you want to be an agent or reseller of webmoney in your country then you will need to verify your account. Webmoney is a very good ecurrency that has been around for quite some time and it is safe

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    Web money is a very good currency i think but I never used web money till now most of my friends use web money who do forex according to them its a very good currency but I not use web money till now most of people prefer money bookers or skrill i think

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    I already use webmoney from long time ago, usually when I make money frm paid to download program. Now, after Liberty Reserve closed then webmoney is become my main online payment processor because it have low fee for transaction, they also have a good security system and also it being used in a lot of forex broker company including Roboforex. :)

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    I Want to ask, for withdrawal in Webmoney, how fees are charged foboforex? And Who's withdrawal in WebMoney? and how long it took to WebMoney account?

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    Quote Originally Posted by rantau4me View Post
    I Want to ask, for withdrawal in Webmoney, how fees are charged foboforex? And Who's withdrawal in WebMoney? and how long it took to WebMoney account?
    its not much only small fee that you well get charge and only take a short time using web money you can make deposit in very fast juast only take a few hours for withdraw too if finance department not very busy only take minutes

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