Hi my Comrades!
I am working in this industry for 7 years and
I am applying my special verified strategy over 5 years for making money myself and my comrades.
As you know forex is very risky market i hope every one absorb that without huge loses!Forex is not an investment platform forex is a speculation and hedging platform.
If you want to make money as long term from forex market you have to understand 2 key important thing.One of verified trading strategy other one is risk management strategy.
There are a few simple common faults about risk management strategy and trading strategy.
Lets start with trading strategy.
People going to common forex platforms which ones showing common simple and useless trading strategies and buying or renting that useless things.Just thing about it some one selling or renting his/her Expert Advisor or strategy to you 100-200$ around is it logical ?
Who wants to sell or rent his/her golden laying chicken? Think about that!
Lets continue with risk management.
Whole investors are trying to make their risk management on the trading account.What i mean i am talking about “draw down delusion”.
On the reality draw down is %100! But traders dont say that simple reality why?
Firstly you have to understand that reality and continue if you want with that feel in your life.
So what i am saying i am saying make your risk management out of the account! What does mean? Thats mean ‘divide your fund,make withdrawal consistently on exact period.’ Or lost everything.
They are gold rules my dear Comrades and i know anyone didn’t say that simple rules and realities to you because they were selfish.
So while i am finishing my words i want to say thank you to listen me and i wish successful and happy life to you my Comrades!