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Thread: Your requests, proposals and feedback

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    Your requests, proposals and feedback

    Here you can leave a request for a webinar on the topic you are interested in. It will not be necessarily be produced, but if my colleagues and me have enough experience in the topic and have something to share, why not to make a webinar?

    If you have any proposals or feedback, feel free to leave it here, in this thread.

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    Quote Originally Posted by layigold View Post
    I will be happy to see you give a webinar on good risk and money management especially when we consider its indispensability in forex trading. This is the area where so many trader get things wrong and messed up despite the huge knowledge they possess. No matter how good a forex trader think he is , you cannot find yourself on the terrain of success without good money and risk management in trading
    yes, most traders always have problems with risk management, but they already know the risks in forex trading, but they have difficulty in managing risk management. I myself also often experience it, so always experience a large loss, and this is very detrimental to us, because of his lack of knowledge about the sorting of money menagement risk.

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