Hi traders! I've seen that there are a lot of typical questions concerning webinars, I've decided to put them in one topic.

What is a webinar?

It's online class, that allows you to watch powerpoint presentation, hear voice of narrator, to see drawing board (virtual) and screen of presenter (if it's necessary).

Should I install any software?

No, you just need a browser with Adobe flash player installed (most browers have it). You can download and install latest version of Adobe flash player here

How do I enter a webinar?

First you should follow this link, scroll page down and you will see timetable of webinars. You can choose any webinar of your choice and register (to do this, you will have to register personal account).

Can I get recordings of previous webinars?

Currently, recordings are unavailable. We encourage traders to participate in webinars live - it allows attendee to interact with presenter (that are traders with many years of experience), to immediately address your question, have answer and eventually learn in more accelerated way.