History Repeat itself and Forex
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Thread: History Repeat itself and Forex

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    History Repeat itself and Forex

    Been in Forex trading , was reading a book about Forex so what i got is that hisstory repeat itself and this is the main concept of the technical analysis
    let me make it more clear , you know medical science or a scientific method of measuring the things , in medical science if we theyThermometer and got reading and its abnormal they say it's fever, now medicine , not getting right more than fever disease , again others test to know right disease etc so a procedure repeat it self with a prior proven evidence if this happens this can be happens
    well if we look at the Forex market , almost same things happens which you will see after reading this , market mostly gives respect the ssupport and resistance area or channel trendlines not always break it , retrace mostly ,if we use fibonacci we use the same theory if market reach 38% or 61% percent so will behave like this , market reaches OB or OS zone trend can be expected , if doji , spinning tops ,or any specific setup appear then a specific results can be expected , well this is true history repeat and if this is true this is happens , then a interesting and very hard question arise if we accept this is true , then losses why happens ! why 90% gets losses

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    Yes you are right, the market repeat itself. In my opinion why get 90% losses? Almost traders knows that history repeat itself, but when we are in a position on trade we should not exit the market immediately when the prices are changed against of position. We let the hope that prices will go back.

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    i also believe in Forex trading history repeat itself and this is how robot are being programmed,robot are programed base on history but the direct in Forex trading is that regardless of the repeat we might get on the market the situation is not always same and this why we need to be very careful with the way to relay on history.

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    i think man not in that mean , but i think there is rules and the chart move according to that rules , so if you can learn some of that rules and follow the other expert trader which they success to know some of the secret of that market if we do that i think we will know more and more and in final we will success ..

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    History of forex transactions have the same look and always repeated. We can see the chart in full size, there we can see that the chart makes the point of support and resistance are not much different. In the trading world, this is referred to as consumer activity, where the use of a product is done routinely expected to show similar consumption results every time.

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    This is the exact way that the market behaves, it is the reason why traders should take the best advantage of the market. No matter what happens in the market, it tends to trend than the other way round , if you are very careful to do the trend trading all the time,it is the same trading pattern that the market will follow every time.

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    Yes i am agree with those who say about history repeating , it is true that history repeat itself and forex too , in business history is playiny a role of base of wall, some time wall fall down and the base is repair again so in business history repeat it self time by time

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    There are certain price patterns that do repeat itself,and these patterns can be observed when we study the currency market consistently,and intimately.prices has its behaviors justas we ghumans have ours and this can be done only when we dedicate our time and resources into the learning process and also seeking advice from professionals.

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    Quote Originally Posted by waji View Post
    Yes i am agree with those who say about history repeating , it is true that history repeat itself and forex too , in business history is playiny a role of base of wall, some time wall fall down and the base is repair again so in business history repeat it self time by time
    Ups and downs in the market all the time. Sometimes we earn money and sometimes we loss but we should not lose the confidence level in trading. If we get the loss then we should follow our own system normally and accept that loss happily. If we have brave heart then we surely get money .

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    This is really nice and I follow the same method while trading or creating position.
    Who ever really want to make money if you find that any currency pair has shown any break out or break down stay in that same trend.
    trade with very small quantity so that you can hold your position until you make profit, if necessary do average at lower level ( if you are in long position) and if still it is down average with another quantity so that you can exit from third level entry and your margin will be increased which will help to create another position.
    The same can do in short side position and hold the first position until you get your executed price and it will come one day.

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