srikandi forecast contest account 1557145
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Thread: srikandi forecast contest account 1557145

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    srikandi forecast contest account 1557145

    account : 1557145
    pass: I0990151A

    happy pipping ;)

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    Ticker of the chosen instrument : XAUUSD (gold)
    Type of the pending order : sell limit
    Opening price : 1585.44
    Take Profit : 1565.40
    Stop Loss : 1593.70
    Description : price will tested level 1585 ish again, if it hold it will bounce.. stop loss placed in the nearest R.. ;)

    metatrader 4 - roboforex.jpg

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    The screenshot has to show the pending order placed allready. So, you place pending order first and after that you can do the screen picture.

    Form the rules : "Screenshot of the terminal window showing the chart of the chosen instrument and placed pending order.
    After that participants are not allowed to edit their messages and modify (or delete) their pending orders."

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