10 tips for a long-term financial success
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Thread: 10 tips for a long-term financial success

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    10 tips for a long-term financial success

    1. Savings.
    Regularly set aside some money for a deposit, which will be accumulated over a period of time. Soon, you'll be pleased to have at your disposal a considerable sum of money. Moreover, interest on deposits will accelerate a certain growth of your money. Despite the fact that the interest rates offered today are not as attractive, the comparative analysis will help you to choose the best of what is offered.

    2. Investing.
    Give yourself the freedom to choose your future, making a reasonable investment. Invest in assets such as stocks, over time, it may give you more real income. Please note, the price of shares today is not the same as it was two years earlier, but the growth sooner or later will happen.

    3. Put off your credit cards.
    Credit cards are a common phenomenon in our culture. But today it is better to indulge in shopping by these cards, otherwise you will always be accompanied by thoughts on debt repayment. Set aside credit cards in a box, in good times to get them out will be easy as pie.

    4. Pay debt.
    It is important to keep funds in the balance, which would be enough to survive today, and for the implementation of future plans. But some debt relief can be a great way to get financial freedom sooner than you expected. Think about that regular overpayments on your loans will reduce the level of debt faster than planned and may significantly reduce the size of interest payments.

    5. Planning.
    Once again, think hard about what you really want to achieve. And remember that financial success will not have any sense, if you hate your job or you do not have time for family and friends. In addition, many studies have shown that if you love what you do, the more your success is guaranteed.

    6. Check the direct costs.
    Direct costs can cause great harm to the process of your work. Check on a regular basis on what you spend your money. Many people and businesses monthly spend money on things they do not know. Check and get rid of those costs that you do not need.

    7. Do not make impulsive purchases.
    Are you feeling the taedium vitae? Do not try to improve your mood by impulsive purchases. These new shoes or gadgets are waste of money that will not give you long-term satisfaction. Instead, think about the concentration of time and money to do things really necessary.

    8. Do what you are best in.
    Doing business is challenge and versatile skills usually required for smaller enterprises. But do not fall into the temptation to do it all yourself. If you find yourself in a difficult situation, think, maybe it's worth to pay today for those who could influence or help to make a profit in the future.

    9. Make your business valuation.
    One of the common mistakes of beginners in business, is the desire to compete by the pricing policy, in some cases, offering products and services at very low cost. Make sure that the margin had a financial sense, otherwise, all your work will be wasted.

    10. Invest in yourself.
    Do not forget that your ability to make money depends on your skills. Take time for self-cultivation , and it is sure to bring dividends. For example: after graduating of the accountant course, you will be able to maintain your own accounting records.

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    There is something else that should not be forgotten. Have the insurance policy. Because there are three things that can not be avoided aging, sickness, and death. If only influenza illness is easily resolved, but if that occurs in critically illness and require a very large cost. then we must shift the risk.

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    i read your post which is very helpful and important all you 10 point mentioned is very good and and these point are very useful and i agree with you that follwoing point is help every trader and specialy new trader .for long sucess these point give better trade and trader get some good profit and save for lost of account .

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    Certainly I agree with you on all points, and I hope everyone read it very carefully and understand and try to take advantage of them and I considered that the most important points is to invest in self you are working with all of you have the power to develop yourself and make yourself more susceptible to the development and the acquisition of skills and expertise and information that it is very important and also the important points away cry from falling into debt because it Tarl march person

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    I am agreed with you . very useful post that can contain the best material to become the long term trader and gain success and profit. but i am scalper and its more profitable.

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    i can only hope many trader will follow the point made inhere maybe the level of losses in Forex trading will reduce but to be since if one can follow all the point inhere and the trader have the skills and knowlegde to earn from the market,it will not take long before the trader will be a successful Forex trader.

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    Long-term trading requires a lot of capital and lack of efficiency in time, is not good for day-to-har Iyang need money fast turnaround. Then tradinglah with capital of more money so as not to interfere with our lives especially for those who are already married.

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    in fact that is so useful for any beginner trade i think there is many new traders here . and it will be good post for me and for them . in fact trading with the long term is not any easy way of trading because the price may be go up or down so you must have the enough skills to know where you must put your stop loss and your take profit.

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    We are agreed along . very helpful post that can offer the best material being the future trader and gain success and profit. but i will be scalper and more profitable.

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    Yeah I am agree with you and thanks for sharing with us here in this forum you a are saying right we have to grow our business and make a regular profit then we have to follow these steps because it will not be serious regarding our business and our planning,investing,savings will not be accurate it will affect our business

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