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    100% responsibility

    Hi there! If I was asked, what is «number 1» quality, that trader needs to develop, I would answer – ability to be responsible for your actions.

    What does it mean?

    Responsibility is often wrongly considered as ability to blame yourself. Blaming yourself may be more important than blaming others, but in my opinion it’s not a reliable indication of responsibility. It can be a «blame game» - «oh, why have I done it? What a fool I was» e t.c.
    In this «blame game» we tend to feel sorry for our actions but in many cases, it doesn’t help to improve our future performance.

    So, what is the definition of responsibility?

    I like definition that was made by my mentor in field of trading psychology, dr. Andrew Menaker – «Responsibility can be split into two words – response and ability». In other words, it’s ability to choose our response.
    It looks very easy, but it’s absolutely not easy in application to real life, and especially trading. Do you think about your future as a trader when you send a market order with extremely large size? I don’t think so, you are so absorbed by the price action that your response is driven by your emotions.

    I think that it should be #1 in the list of desired internal characteristics – ability to choose your responses. How to do that?

    Stop blaiming «them»

    I have seen too much times traders blaming «them» for their trading losses. Some call «them» market makers, some call them «smart money», big market manipulators e.t.c. Of course, you should make some studies about possible activities of institutional demand and supply, but they are not responsible for your possible losses. That’s the way they make money – and it can include stop-running, yes. They have to execute orders of large institutional players, it’s a business.

    Stop negative focusing

    I’ve been writing about it several times, for example in article «Negativity bias», our brain very easily concentrates on negative outcomes, so we should balance this feature. You may blame dinosaurs, our ancestors for this feature that were helpful in their life (freeze, escape, fight), our brain has evolved this way – we tend to focus on possible harm much easier than noticing good. Read my article «Appreciating the good»

    Work on self awareness

    To take 100% responsibility for our actions, we should be aware of unconscious forces that can grab our attention. It may be unconscious traumatic experiences, or hidden emotional triggers or both.
    Read this article to improve your self-awareness

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    Trading is just a business that we might be doing off line that we always apply caution when doing it. I also think that if he committed all those traders lose tips and apply them and try to repair themselves, and do not stop put the blame on people and others, will undoubtedly achieve success. A good point to quit all the thing that will not let you grow in the market, the more you can look to working in this market with containment of ten faults you have in the market,

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    If you lose, be patient. If you win, stay humble

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