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    Emotional issue

    Emotional issue is the issue here and numerous traders concentrate essentially just to cash, benefit and influence a vengeance to losing exchanges without using a trading to design. This is a piece of absence of discipline. Discipline is the one which isolate the person who profiting and the person who continually losing cash in the amusement or you can call it a fight. Absence of discipline is dependably a mix-up and never be a purpose behind progress.

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    Emotions play a huge role in trading. To my mind, most of the newbie traders lose just due to the impact of emotions. Fear and greed are the mst common emotions for traders. Fear makes trader close profitable positions too early while holding losing positions too long just because they don`t want to accept the small loss and make new attempt. Greed makes trader to hold profitable position too long even longer than it is necessary according to the initial trading plan. That is why such traders often lose even if the strategy they utilize is profitable itself.

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