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Thread: How to open an account with a partner code of the Forum?

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    How to open an account with a partner code of the Forum?

    Login to your "Live Account"on the RoboForex website
    Choose "Open a new account".

    You should open an account with following parameters:
    • MT4 Trading platform
    • Currency - USD
    • Account Type - MT4 Pro-Cent, MT4 Fix-cent
    • Affiliate code - roboforum

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    Quote Originally Posted by masterufo View Post
    Hello , I am newcomer in Roboforex and just open an account for getting 15$ no deposit bonus but they ask me about any bonus code and roboforex customer service also send a link of roboforex forum So I register in forum and attached a real account with affiliate code " roboforum " So I hope I no more need any bonus code for getting bonus in my real account after making some post in whole month , am I right understand ?
    You understand properly wrong
    You can get code here
    either left your pm link or monitor the thread by yourself.
    One more thing if you want to get more bonuses you can start posting you can get 20 cents per each post more question write down here

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    [lang=ar]Hello . My best friend robo forex in the world I did not find him. Special one comonter price is 0.30 and this is good. But I want to ask you how to change the account number Bound whit Forum roboforex And accept my traffic. Then I wish you success and luck for the forum[/lang]

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