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Thread: A good suggestion - kingtomas Account number 33003839

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    A good suggestion - kingtomas Account number 33003839

    Hello friends

    my nickname is : kingtomas
    Account number 33003839

    I have many Pamm account in various brokers with the same name,
    and have also opened a copy account in Roboforex too.

    My way of working is very conservative and cautious.
    I work on a continuous profit basis, away from risk.
    Most of my trades are daily and if you look at the account details, you will find that the trading volume is very limited compared to the account balance.
    My trading method is suitable for people who want to calmly capitalize on their big funds and have a safe and continuous income.

    I am surprised, of course, by Roboforex's reports.
    Because although the volume and the amount of traded are very small and low to my detriment, it shows the account at high risk.
    max drawdown of this account is: -18.91% !!

    And that also relates to a specific test of the worst case,
    which was about 64 lot of eurusd.
    Before and after, no special damage was done to the positions,
    and all were closed with profit. I closed the position manually except for certain situations where I felt threatened for the account and with small losses.

    In less than a month of trading, the account has generated about 33% stress-free profit.

    If you have any questions, I'll be happy to stay in touch

    - - - Updated - - -

    don't forget that is in cent.

    if you want to connect, use standard for your cent accounts,
    or Proportional 0.01 for your $ accounts.

    always use safe % between my account and your margin.

    if your account is upper 70000 $ , then you can use standard and enjoy of profits
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    Hi, thank you for your nice post. brother in forex trading market there are many trader so if you use same nick name for different broker whats wrong? trading is using small lot it is always good to safe your account from hitting margin call so trade good earn good. thank you.

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