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    Lightbulb volume The Bad Forex Strategies

    The volume is based on the volume index found in all trading programs and many consider it a meaningless and useless indicator, but in reality it is an honest indicator of all the indicators on the trading programs so that it does not change by closing the candle.
    If we leave the scientific definitions aside and tell us that the volume a person named volume we find that this person is in control of the market.
    If he confirms the high price, he buys a lot, so the price goes up.
    And if the decline is confirmed, it sells heavily, so the price goes down.
    This is because in fact the trend takes orders from the volume and applies it without informing the traders and here the trader is surprised that his friend the trend has betrayed him and changed the path from the bullish to the beat and bray it is better to take the trader volume is the friend and not the trend if when the day tells you that the price will rise and if the trend says the opposite I walk with volume he is the real friend and I do not agree with you that it is suitable only for stocks and stock exchange but in Forex gives excellent results to those who want to work with it

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    So have you tried these strategies yourself?

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