Technical analysis is the same in all financial markets and technical analysis is one of the most important ways to study the past direction of the price instrument or financial derivative - stocks or currencies - through which we try to predict future prices.
It is used many programs specialized in the knowledge of price changes besides charts that link time to price and is considered to learn analysis is very easy and for any trader who wants to reach professionalism to learn it to achieve good results.
The technical analysis is based on the study of price movement and its relation to time, and this applies to currencies as well as stocks because they are financial markets subject to technical analysis and their price movement is linked to time.
Technical analysis has a theory of shares so that it is said that the share price includes everything, which means that the current share prices reflect all the information about this company.
In relation to the shares, the market prices reflect all the information that investors, technical analysts, fundamentals and bank managers have, so it is a big mistake to question these prices, which all of them are looking for, and since the technical analysis is the study of the price movement in time, it is difficult to question Because it reflects all those opinions.