Today we will touch fibonacci index, which is used in technical analysis and my advice is to learn it because it is good and its results are excellent.
Leonardo Fibonacci is a mathematician who has found a lineage known as the Fibonac lineage.
These are mathematical sequences such as Miley and this sequence is the sum of the summit with the previous one.
1+1 =2
2+1 =3
3+2=5 and so on ...........
Then he extracted the golden average ratios, which is what's important to us after all this introduction.
Extract that by dividing the number less by the big ones, for example.
Division 34/55=0.681
And when I tried to divide the same number by the number after the next one, i tried to simplify as much as possible.
For example, dividing 34/89=0.382 and here is the thread of the horse and the good and all, and it is not the point to burden yourself with calculations is just a repudiation of your index that will help you make profits: because everything of it is available on your platform only to know the basics

Let's start serious work now, draw sungies or peaks, and temporary bottoms.
Sweng or the temporary summit swing high which is the highest temporary or current point reached by the price and then returned down
The swing or the temporary swing low, which is the lowest temporary or current point reached by the price and then went up* i mean currentia i mean when the deal is made*
In order to draw these swains, we must use a great indicator on the platform, which is zigzagzigage illustration in the image of screenshot_1.jpg
Now, a zigzag will identify the temporary peaks and the repressed bottoms by simply pressing the word zigzag on the platform.

Now we explain to the types of fibonachi we learned good basics but the fibo has more than work on the platform and it is a follower
It's fibonacci or ala drawing- parenting - expansion as I pointed it out from top to bottom
We start with the fibonacci drawing or Fibonacci Retracement and he's fibonacci opening the deal.
2* Fibonacci Expansion or Fibonacci Extension Vibo took the profit .
*3* Fibo Natchi Parental Fibonacci Arcs, which is to predict levels of support and resistance* and in French courbes*means brackets)
Here we are satisfied and we will touch on each indicator individually and learn it step by step i hope to interact and give some advice and opinions to fold