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Thread: Losses Remedy

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    Losses Remedy

    Every mentor only speakers , every writer in the books sseminar repeat the words accept the losses no matter how much they are , but about what about remedy of the losses.

    okay take example that how many of you know that you have to accept the losses for the good trading probably almost will say yes we have to accept it , but how much of you know that how to remedy the losses and how to get freedom from them , do not say know it cause and make the correction , these are traditional words , i want to answer that has much powerful logic for this !

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    Am fuly awear of the difficulties of life,so ill try to bounce back
    You can't escape losses but you can cut your losses and ensure that you reduce your risk exposure by using minimal lot size that would enable you withstand price fluctuation,there's no holy grill strategy that would assure you a 100% returns on all entries there are so many ways to manage your account and learning such skill is as important as having a good strategy.

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    in my opinion that the trader can not avoid loss completely because no one can predict the future movement all time so he will face some loss,but he should manage this loss and try to decrease it to minimum level and this will be done by decreasing the risk and trading with low volume and stop loss to avoid a big loss and protect his account continuously

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    Losses and gaining is the part of business and life and luck, no matter if you losses your earn money but it is not good that you losses remedy, you can go with your pre played plan and don't be greedy and don't take a huge risks and don't play with huge amount, so your will be never unsuccessed in your trading business specailly in forex trading business

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    From my experience, after big loss or margin call, I stopped trading for a week or more.
    It feel much better, I don't blame myself anymore or have any plan for revenge.
    Before resume trading, I also analyzed my mistakes.

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    If we want to success then we will never to be greedy and we will avoid all our mistakes and we have to losses all our earn money and may be we losses our account, if we take huge risks on our money then we will be double it or either we will losses remedy, and we will be destroy

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    Forex is huge online business and profits and losses are part of it.Losses are also a part of every business.A trader should never neglect his/her losses and should cut off your losses.A trader need to learn from his mistakes in order to be a successful trader.Losses and gains are part of your luck bu t you need to be experienced enough.

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    Forex is abig online business and profits and looses in forex are parts of it.Even in every business if their is profit then their is loss.A trader should never neglect the looses and cut off them.A trader should always learn from their mistakes in order to be a successful trader.You need to accept both the profit and loss and you need to get experienced.

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    when ever I make loss I clearly leave the trading platform for some time.
    I go for having fun friends with friends ( although some irritation is still their), then I spend maximum time out side to get relaxed.
    Then only I check some status of my margin and change some strategy or wait to dd some margin to create fresh position.

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    you get loss in forex trading for your own mistakes. to get remedy of this mistakes you have to learn about the business properly and practice more and more. you can use demo account for practicing. in here you can practice trading without any risk and can gather much experience.

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