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Thread: Forex is a life time hobby !!!

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    Forex is the best ever business and that business will gives us everything but hard work is the key here and it must be consistent every time. Lack of hard work and practice will surely gives us loss and we will never become successful in forex so hard work is the essential for us.

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    I think Forex is not a hobby it is a proper business and we should treat it as a business not just hobby and we should give full time to Forex if we want to earn good money in Forex.

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    i think forex is not a hobby. forex business is my life time business and profession. i am very depended in forex business. forex is my future career. forex is a very risky business. i am very serious about forex business. forex future is bright. i believe it. forex is a world largest market and 100% real and secured online business. its true.

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    All time hobby in my life is very good business.when i open my laptop i am very happy because i see my best screen in my life.its forex plartfrom.I am also want to continue this business. I also believed Forex business can changed my life and i always try it.

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    Forex business is a good is a real is not life time is real business.many mans and women are working in Forex treading.they are earn lot of money of Forex treading.they are think Forex treading is a life time business.

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    Forex trading is a profitable business. When strategies work the way we are expecting we get the results as we want i.e. profits. Those who follow proper trading rules, trading plans, trading strategies and trade for long term definitely get good returns.

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    Forex is a hobby, it is the business which never be bored. I always enjoyed of doing forex , it is the reliable and flexible business which we can do any where and any time. That business will gives us money but we must have to trade sensibly with proper planing all the time.

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    I am stared forex trading 3 month but i not earning must money but i try butter forex traders than my confident i earning forex money

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    Actually from the start and when i find my self excited with all movements in the market find my self nervous ,take every thing at my temper . said to my self what ever i won will not compensate me if I hurt . thus I regarde forex as a game or aply just you can play for a musements and no problem if it is for getting money

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    Forex is the best business of all time and that business gives us much money but hard work is key here and it must be consistent every time.If we work hard and do trade with proper plan and rule then we surely become a good and successful forex trader so hard work is necessary for us.

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