forex for the money or just spare time?
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Thread: forex for the money or just spare time?

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    forex for the money or just spare time?

    Maybe we can do trading on forex for making money..some people use forex to channel their desire to do business...what yours?making money or for having fun?all answer can have a different meaning...but we have 1 destination TRADING right?

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    I think Forex is for both the money and spare time.People according to their requirements are trading in this business but most of people are trading to earn money as it is a very profitable business.Traders are trading in Forex just for their spare time because forex trading is a very simple and interesting business where they can earn by spending a very short time.

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    Forex is for both money making as well as for spare time. I am a student and I have joined Forex marker as a part time trader. SO when ever I get time I trade here. And it helps me a lot in making good money.

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    Forex trading is the best option fore the money in the Forex trading you should be earn more and more money in the short period of time , you are become a good trader in the company . it is not a spare time . it just like a good source of income . so in the trading business you should be goo in the trading . it is best earning source of company .

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    Forex trading business for earning money. There has forex traders are do work on this business for earning money. Forex business its a very good business for making money. There has always forex traders are believe this forex trading business its a best money making business. Thats wht every forex traders are need proper knowledge about forex trading business. So forex business for earning money not spare time only.

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    Forex business there has traders are do trade for earning money. Forex trading business its a very good online business. I am believe this traders are do work on this business not only for spare time. Most of the traders are become successful trader and earn more money from forex trade. So i think forex trading business for making money.

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    I don't think there's a trader who trades forex for the fun of it I be live that all traders who trade forex trade to make profits or increase there income, for me I trade forex to make more income and also become an expert.

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    We know that Forex is an international market place. We are joint here for make money and enjoy. I think every trader on Forex market are come here for income and make life comfortable then easier.

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    Sir I am learning this business just for earning money but it is not an easy task what it seems at first appearance and we must follow all necessary steps for its learning as we can not make earning without learning this business.

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    For em Forex is for earning money and my spare time I spend on Forex forums where I am getting opportunity to learn and earn from same place. Also I am investing my earned bonus from Forums, but trading only to get success and earn big money in future.

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