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Thread: Broker Fund Your Account

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    Broker Fund Your Account

    Broker Fund Your acccount , see , lovely yes it is .
    So how we can do this i mean is this is possible that broker fund our account so trade i mean yes this is now don't ask me something free of cost so what i am saying then, so my meant to be say is that broker build up your account for you , yeah this more right word you now understand
    Well guys i must admit this a professional always like to make the poor broker , mean a good trader is that who first make deposit and makes 100% of it and , and start making the withdraw , meanwhile more successful trades in positive profit in row , can do this for us !
    What's you say about this !

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    Am fuly awear of the difficulties of life,so ill try to bounce back
    Well if there is actually a broker who would trade for me in my account with granteed monthly earnings I would invest so long as such broker has a reliable reputation online,like take for instance if roboforex don't have reputable review online I wouldn't have invested my money online,the same thing goes for a broker who trades for investors.

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    I am new one to robo forex business and i have no experience about business and specailly about robo forex trading business , but i am very happy here and i am enjoing my self and i can proud on my self being a robo forex trading busniess trader , and i want to learn more about forex and scuh type of questions which is in front of me

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    Now I am confused with this statement. I think different traders come to a place and use brokers trading platform and we make and loose in our selves, so why broker will pay us? They will not pay from pocket as they get the money from some other trader and adjust the money and they get the brokerage as spread from us.
    But this really shocked and making me confuse suppose all of his traders book profit then from whom he will give them money?

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    I'm new to the business and I was different, particularly about the business and have no experience of ROBO FOREX trading business but I am very happy here and my self on a RoboForex trading business is business and I am proud that I can take my self, and I Forex and want to learn more about the type of questions that are in front of me.

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    Now I am incoherent with this evidence. I suppose unlike traders turn to a area and use brokers trading construction and we urinate and regular in our selves, so why broker present pay us? They faculty not pay from in-curvature as they get the money from whatsoever additional trader and correct the money and they get the work as undo from us.
    But this really shocked and making me embarrass suppose all of his traders play-script advantage then from whom he gift gift them money?

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    Forex market is the best weapon for learning. We have the right to a single learning experience and so that appropriate action can be the key to success learning and is the mother. Involved in learning, all under age. Analytic Market, market signals, risk, risk management, and how we can do things through our loss understand we can correct education beyond the loss of all that.

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    Yeah that's a very thinking at all we can grow our investment with a broker I a big fan of robo forex broker and I want to carry on my trading business and career with robo forex broker hope one day I will become rich in my life and robo forex broker help me in this target

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    Broker help us to grow our investment and make profits that we can withdraw and also we may help broker by giving it our money through loss of it during trading. this depends on the trader himself and his ability to trade well or bad .successful traders can make profits but bad traders will loose their money and will give it to the broker.

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    hi. the broker fund account is less profitable but i thhink i know th things you are talking about. i guess you are right from the top of the page. but if i dont knnow the answer i am supposed to be kicked out of this site thanks for you to let me show you my opinion

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