New in forex ---- What advice can you give ?
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Thread: New in forex ---- What advice can you give ?

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    New in forex ---- What advice can you give ?

    Hello guys if anybody is new trader in forex then what advice you want to give him for his great forex career share you opinion regarding that.

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    For every newbie trader or beginner my advice is to learn more and gain knowledge about the forex market.As Forex trading is a highly risky business you cannot get profit in your trade if you don't have proper knowledge and experience.Try to have good plan,strategy and analysis if you want to get success in your trade.

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    I would advice all newbies to take theirtime to cconsider if they are capable of handling the currency market and the huge risks that's involved, having that in mind its also important that you do a proper research on hie to trade in the forex market and also how to better understand price behaviors, with knowledge getting started in the currency market wouldn't be tough.
    Knowledge and information is key in trading the currency market so don't be ignorant.

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    I would really like to suggest that try and make the full use of resources and domt try to make millions every day and take one pair at a time and try and look for every reason why you want the setup and work on price action and make as lesser use of indicators as possible and try and trade naked chart


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    i have some
    1. forget dreams and ambition, it will trigger the emotion
    2. start to read and learn from the basic and never jump to another stages because want to make money with faster
    3. discipline and patience in everything, it will help us to control the emotion
    4. use trading system which is suitable with our style as the basic of talent, do not follow the others because want to get the best one but complicated
    5. never set the target, it will become the biggest burden in trading and will trigger the emotion

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    If you are new in forex business then you need learn about forex business. Beacuse learn about forex business always helpful for forex traders. Forex traders are when learn about forex businsss then they should get some benefits here. Cause learn about forex business help you get good experience , skill , knowledge and also others good habits about this business.

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    I have lost some money due to negligence. I suggest from some of my mistake. Never ever use huge leverage to create big quantity position with small margin available. Never over trade and avoid multiple currency pair trading. Always use stop loss as per your risk taking capacity. And never forget to book part profit.

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    First of all welcome to this great online business I just want to tell you that stay away from greed, emotion in this business otherwise you will never be able to make good profit from this market and use a very good trading plan in your trading.

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    If you are a new trader in this business then I will prefer you to concentrate on your learning and spend some time daily on demo trading account your learning will give you best success in forex and will make a very good pro trader in this business. So just focus on hard work.

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    Of the most important tips for beginners in Forex Trading, is working to gain a good knowledge and experience constantly and see all that is good, even if he became successful in forex this does not mean the end.
    To qualify for the experience he was dealing at the expense of real and supposed to be, too has a limit consulted
    At any point in trying to produce new and more violin Know About Forex

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