What to be , What time !
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Thread: What to be , What time !

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    What to be , What time !

    yeah its a big confusion title but while making it my mind saying guess it anyways if anyone have suuggestion can tell me so i give more proper name

    Anyways we all knows that there are certain moment in the market when we ask ourself what to do , yeah i am sure you also have experience this !

    Okay , let me explain more properly , suppose you are going to take entry , but suddenly fear no please no vice versa if you are profit , close close !

    What lot should to take , what price comes to do what with that and many more

    So on certain time when you not able to decide what to do , how you handle it !

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    Am fuly awear of the difficulties of life,so ill try to bounce back
    that why its important to gain more experience in the currency market so as to enable you build more confidence in your self and your trading plan,its only a person who lacks experience and confedence thy would be afraid and confused when its time to place an order,and one more factor that can contribute to this is when your using high lot size to trade,in which at thy moment of trading your tempo would be high and your be more emotional.

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    yes that is right and i faced with this before and faces it always when the market moves in side way and the direction of the market is not clear so in this case i asked myself what should i do,can i take the risk and enter to trade or wait for sometimes until the market start move in certain direction and start trade with this direction and i think this is better for me

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    man that is mean fear from the market , so we should have as i always say plan to control in that market and apply it with correct money management i mean the controller in volume size and with the rules and all of that to specify your future ..

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    If we want to enter the market but we are afraid of a loss, maybe we better trading with minimum volume that force us into a larger margin, indeed we often can not predict market movements in the future, but with our strong margins at least could avoid the order of a margin call.

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    In trading business if you want to be successed then you will be asking this question every time that what to be and what time, there is a lot of moment in business and you should be go with your proper plane and idea and that why this question will be arises naturlly that what can be i do on what time, and this question is very good for us as a business men

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    i see, we do not want to close the order at floating minus when we knew the price will go against us for longer until we face big losing , and also when we were in profit, we just close it just for several pips and we can not get maximum earning from it, but we knew that the trend follow our analysis, so it is like you, like us, we have same experiences about it, and i guess all was caused by emotion,

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    Ok Whene I have start trading of course et make a entry even I have been afraid but I dont open an big lot , bu now after what I have see by my littel experience and Im still bigginer, I tell you that I dont open any position and I wait until a good moment of entry To get more profit with any risck.

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    person that's necessarily mean dread from your industry, consequently we need to possess when i usually declare decide to control for the reason that industry and rub it along with accurate cash administration after all the controller in volume measurement with the rules and so much to be able to designate the foreseeable future..

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    Yes to avoid such confusion system, all traders need to learn from basics of Forex market till the date. And need to learn from books, internet so that he can do good practice in demo trading , knowledge + practice will make him confident and to get good success.
    Once you gain good experience you will be able to know the exact support and resistance level so that you can decide your own entry and exit level oro making good profit.

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