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    VPS Forex Hosting. VPS Server for Traders

    Our remote "VPS server" is, in the first place, intended for those clients who use trading robots – Mechanical Trading Systems (MTS). The most important features required by these systems are a fast connection to trading servers and an opportunity to trade 24/7.

    Please note that VPS-server service is only available to the clients, who passed the complete verification and have the Equity on their trading accounts exceeding 300 USD or its equivalent in another currency.

    "VPS server" service from RoboForex is:

    • An opportunity to trade 24/7 using experts and advisors. There is no need to leave your own computer running.
    • An opportunity to access your trading account easily from anywhere in the world without installing any special software intended for trading. All you need to work with your trading account is already installed on the remote computer.
    • An opportunity for independent trading on your account from the remote terminal, and from your PC, laptop, or mobile device at the same time.
    • The quality of your internet connection has no influence on your trading process; VPS server always has a high-speed and uninterruptible Internet connection.

    Terms and conditions of "VPS server":

    • The service is free, but available only at the level of funds (Equity) on your trading account exceeding 300 USD (excluding active bonuses) or its equivalent in another currency.
    • To use the service the customer needs to have a turnover of at least 3 standard lots in a calendar month in their accounts.
    • If access to the VPS-server is received after the 15th of the month, the volume of trade turnover accounting will be carried out from 1st of the next calendar month.
    • In case the trading volume on the client’s accounts during the calendar month isn’t big enough, “VPS-server” service will be disabled. To enable the service again, you have not only to fulfill the requirements for the Equity (300 USD), but also the requirements for the trading volume of at least 3 lots without time limits (calculation of the transaction volume starts with the month the service was disabled and continues in the following months).

      Please note that those RoboForex clients, who participate in the VIP program, have access to special conditions. If their trading volume is not enough to match the requirements of "VPS server" service, VIP clients may contact our Live Support and renew the service for free for one month.

    • We only grant access to our trading servers and websites, other Internet resources won’t be available. However, you may download and install to "VPS server" any software necessary for trading.
    • The client receives full access to the VPS-server with the Administrator password. From then onward, only the client could be held responsible for the results of the trade.
    • VPS-server is not available for affiliate accounts, but for client accounts only.
    • RoboForex reserves the right to refuse "VPS-server" service at its sole discretion.

    VPS hardware configuration
    CPU Intel(r) Xeon(r) E5
    RAM 1 Gb
    Free disk space 30Gb (SSD for new clients)
    Operating system Windows Server 2008 R2 64-bit
    VPS access RDP, VNC
    To gain access to the remote "VPS server" and trading terminal you need to leave an application in your Members Area, "Your VPS 2.0 Server", section. After your application is processed you will get an IP-address for "VPS server", login (username), and password. You will need this identification data to connect to the "VPS server".

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    thanks for RoboForex may always be successful, and hopefully bigger bonus :)

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    Thanks Admin Sir For Your Information.You Tell Me Robo Mt4 Platform How to Use Vps On Robot..Please Help me as soon as Possible..

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    Many thanks Administrative Mister For the Info. A person Inform Me personally Robo Mt4 System How you can Make use of Vps Upon Automatic robot.. Make sure you Assist me personally as quickly as possible..

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    For what number of MetaTrader4 terminal where are space in your VPS?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Astro View Post
    For what number of MetaTrader4 terminal where are space in your VPS?
    You can see our VPS hardware configuration by link http://www.roboforex.com/operations/forex-vps/
    Free disk space 30Gb
    RAM 1 Gb
    The number of MetaTrader 4 terminals that work normally at once on VPS depends from many factors, such as how many EA you use or how many indicators, how they use memory on VPS etc.
    You can order VPS and check it's performance.

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    Thank u robo forex u r the best.

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    Thanks Roboforex for this awesome service and also making it free

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