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    When talking about true trading managements, then we are talking about the stop loss that you are using, traders that ahs the stop loss as their duty all the time that they trade are better in their trading handling, and this is helping many traders that knows that they can only be saved and protected by this alone, with time the stop if it is less than the take profits,profits will roll.

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    Stop Loss Order are very crucial and important as much as it concern to me I never ever trade without stop loss order because few times I got Margin call on my little account when Market went totally against me and ultimately I got the Margin call so now I always trade with stop loss and take profit order but stop loss must not be fixed it must be dynamically where it most likely not be touched and if it touched that mean now Market really going to reverse

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    I think so . Stop loss is so important for any trader because he may face a loss in any time if the price go against him .To avoid the unexpected loss we must put stop loss level . We can use any resistance or support level to put our stop loss .But stop loss can give signal only. We need to depend on ourselves.It is very much good of the scalping style but not for the trader who like to work on big frames .It will be danger.

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    - think we shouldn't think to put stop loss or not because i think we should make that because it reduce from our losing all of our money and keep our profit ..
    - but i have notice to put it .. i think we put according to our strategy or in the near resistance or support not in the opposite sit as you say and i think we should have enough pips before enter on the trades to make our stop easy and dont depends on the capital ..

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    Many people stop using stop loss when they usually met with some consecutive loss instead of learning more they prefer not use stop loss in there trading that brings more hurdle for them. At first they need to evaluate that either they are using dequate stop loss according to there trading strategy, then they nee to learn more to become successful.

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    Stops are indeed very important, no matter how much we argue but I am in a great favor of stop loss. It limits our account losses to great extent. Like all newbies I wasn't using stop losses and was getting margin calls too much, but then I dropped my lot size and made the use of stop loss as a must, now I'm doing fine.
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    great opinion. and I think stop loss so important for our account .and it is best gift to us from fx broker. because we can save our total balance by using this method. otherwise we can not save our money. and it is part of money management rules.so every moment we should to be careful for using and and we need to learn where we use it ?

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    Newbies do a lot of this common mistake that they dont put stop loss which is a very very dangerous thing and it is very very risky and disadvantageous too. Firstly because they fear that after hitting their stop loss, market would again come in favour of their trade. Sometimes they dont put stop loss because they dont know the correct place to put stop loss :(

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    Before we determine how many points in the stop loss, we have to conduct technical and fundamental analysis first. Generally, the benefits of stop loss is to reduce the risk of excessive loss. However, do not set your stop loss too close to or too far from our position. If it too close, the market price will easily penetrate. Otherwise if it is too far, we can experience lots of loss.

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    i have lost my first investment for not placing stop loss on my trade.after opening my trade without stop loss , i left my computer for my personal work and when i enter the market again then i saw ,my balance is $0.02.on next day i lost again ,as market move against my trade and i did not close my trade for the expectation of reversal.

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