All Successful traders are learners.
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Thread: All Successful traders are learners.

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    All Successful traders are learners.

    Hello friends I think every successful trader is a great learner in forex and they always try to learn in forex as we know that there are many successful professional forex traders in the market and learning played a very good role in their success what you want to say about that?

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    a trader is a learner and a good trader is a good learner, and forex trading is a dynamic business and there is no ending for us to keep learning and practicing, because this is the only way for us to know how to follow the business and take some benefits or advantages from it, with take learning and practicing then we know how to manage the business and make it profitable

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    Yes when a new trader spend time to learn from various books and internet obviously he will have more knowledge than other trader. And again they have to spend another time for practicing their knowledge in demo trading to check their knowledge. For all those they have to show their dedication, so we cant deny that proper dedication will give them opportunity to make money from Forex trading. As they more learn means they gain more knowledge and more experience which help them to get success.

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    Of course a successful trader are learners.Without learning no trader can get success and earn from this business.If a trader is a successful trader is because of learning and gaining knowledge in this business.So,if you want to become a successful trader you must try to learn more and more about this business.

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    All the successful traders are good learner because they are using the demo account and they are working harder then a hard . so they are very successful in the Trading business.If a trader can successful then they could work hard to hard work and you must try to learn more and more about the Forex trading the main learning source of the Forex trading business.

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    Yes, this is very appropriate fact that forex trading needs huge skill and knowledge which cannot be possible to gather in a day. So, we need to continue the learning process through our ongoing trades. In that sense we can say that all the traders are the best learners. Even me also trying to learn forex trade through ongoing trading.

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    Learning is very necessary in forex if we can do this before start then there is good chance that we will be able to make money in this business otherwise it can be harmfull for us.

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    Yes, every successful trader is good learner otherwise they can't achieve success as they are. So for becoming a successful trader at Forex every newbie should be a great learner otherwise they can't achieve more knowledge about market and without adequate knowledge about market any can't get ultimate success here.

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    forex trading is the most interesting and profitable business in the world that is based upon knowledge. so it is must that we have to learn about the business properly to get success and be a successful trader in here. so all trader who are successful are learners.

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    Yes they are successful because the have learned properly before executing but still then they do not stop learning and keep on learning from everywhere and everything that they go through. This way they keep on getting better and better from previous instances and changing strategies and plan of work.

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