If You want to Earn a lot You have to Learn A lot
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Thread: If You want to Earn a lot You have to Learn A lot

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    If You want to Earn a lot You have to Learn A lot

    Guys this is what i just thought I made this quote when i closed some of my trades in loss which was opened due to bad decisions. So I think that first learning is very important rather than entering in real market for making money. Anyone who want to build a great career in forex should concentrate well on learning first it will be better for him. what you say?

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    Since my last 1 year trading experience, I have seen that learning can done two process, 1 is books learning and 2nd is demo practice. Because practice also gives good experience, and I have loss most of time because of over trading. So from my mistake I took a lesson that I will holding very less quantity and should be with in my own margin instead of using high leverage. SO that I can minimize my losses as well as can sustain in market for longer period.

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    Yes it is true that if you want to earn a lot you have to learn a lot.Forex trading include proper knowledge and experience to get success and to earn from this business.Demo account is a best way of learning.Every trade should practice in demo account to learn more and more and gain knowledge which is very important for earning a lot.

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    If you learn a lot about the trading then you should be more earn in the trading . learning is the best process to earning the Forex trading . In the Forex trading The necessary element is learning . and Forex trading include proper knowledge and experience to get success and to earn From this business. Demo account is the best way of earning .

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    I totally agree with you in the importance of learning, how would you progress if you don't learn.YOu must learn for you to understand and make progress in your trading career,most of us get carried away with the ambition to make profit from our trading account but at the long run lose our capital because we ignored the most essential part which is learning, and during this time you would learn to identify market opportunities and understand market behaviors along side learning to mange risks that comes with trading In the currency exchange market.

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    Yes that's the real truth if you must earn and,earn really well then you must have to learn how to trade,in the market so well, you can achieve this by logging into your google tab,and then click on topics that suggest Or write about any thing concerning learning forex, for me I think you will really get something good from it.

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    Yes sir without learning we can not expect to have continuous and consistent earning from this business we may have some odd winnings but in long run we are going to loose for sure so we must consider the learning phase of this business very seriously, so that we can trade on real account with confidence of making money.

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    no doubt, we need to spend more and more time for learning and practicing, this is a musst and if want to increase trading quality and get the better results, at this business there is no ending for it, and trader need to think with creatively and it will make them flexible to follow the market

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    You have said it very right my friend that if we want to earn a lot of money in the Forex trade then we have to learn a lot for it. Knowledge is the most powerful weapon for a trader that helps him to exist in the market and make him a success trader.

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    Of course. If you are really want to earn more money from forex business then you need a lot of learn about forex business. Without learn about forex business earning money from thisn business its not possible. Learning about forex business all time important for every traders. Its a best way for get success in forex business. Thats why when a forex trader at first join in forex business then he should need learn about forex business properly and after start work on this business very easily. So we need learn about forex business for earn more money.

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