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Thread: Your first invest on forex?

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    Am fuly awear of the difficulties of life,so ill try to bounce back
    If I can remember mY first investment was about 300$ I can't rely remember how long it lasted but it didn't last for long and neither can I remember how much I made. One thing I can say for sure is that what I know now is way more advanced than what I know before. Which is an achievement,because we all know thatk nknowledge is more valuable than money.

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    I invest $100 3 years ago and I double that amount in 1 week and then after that I did not make any penny for 1 and half years and loose whatever I have and start thinking opposite of what I did bring some discipline in my trading and keep working on some drawbacks I had and I never look for any mechanical systems EA of indicators aftewards and That is the key to success try and trade naked charts learn the price action behaviour and look for the opportunity that are less risky


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    The same thing happened to me after investing $ 100 USD as my first investment, on first day I made profit of $ 22 and the next day I loose whole of my margin as well as the previous day profit also. that happen because of lack of knowledge and I did over trade with full confidence to double my money on same day.
    So trade in small quantity can protect your capital for further trading.

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    Losing money especially the first deposit is a common thing among the newbie traders and this is always caused as a result of lack of proper knowledge. My first deposit in forex was $210 and I grew it to $520 through gambling just within a week and the following week I lost everything. I want to believe that this is a common phenomenon with newbie traders.

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    that is true that my first investment is in the my expectation in this trading system is high and the much more so that my expect is to gain more money gain in the this market so that gain money.

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    our initial purchase foreign exchange is $10, I do think I burning the idea few weeks soon after our initial business. Certainly I burning the idea as a result of perimeter contact. The actual greatest bank account with all the cash upon it's the bank account which i include with regard to benefit posting.

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    my first investment in forex trading was 10 dollars in micro account . i lost all that money in 6 hours only , because in that moment i don't understand well the forex trading. for now i become more and more better in this business. the only problem for me now is how to manage my capital .

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    I invest 1000$ in the start but unfortunately i lost all the investment very quickly. Forex is the risky and difficult business and in this business we must have to trade sensibly and try to invest low investment as possible. I request every trader to invest , not more than 100$ in this market.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dheeraj123 View Post
    Hello guys what about your first investment in forex? I am doing trading since one year and I invested $80 first time in this business one year back and I made $60 profit within one day after joining forex and next day I lost my all fund what about you?
    i am also a trader of foreign exchange online market from last two years and at first time when i was joining on forex trading market i invested 30$ and gain profit of 20$ but after gaining profit i was trading a huge invest just one trade and gained loss. it is my first trade on forex trading market.

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    My first invest in forex trading business $20 . This amount of invest at first time good for me.
    Cause i am believe this there has i am need more good experience when i am join in forex business. Forex trading business very easy online business for forex traders. If a trder properly know about forex trading business. So that was my first invest in forex business $20.

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