How to reduce stress and fear?
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Thread: How to reduce stress and fear?

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    Question How to reduce stress and fear?

    I think many trader suffer from these two problems in forex many have stress in forex because they are loosing their money on regularly bases in forex and many of them are fearing to invest in the market is forex is that much dangerous for us?

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    Forex trading is a very risky business.And it is natural that every traders who are trading in this business have lot of stress and fear.They can reduce their stress and fear if they try to learn and gain proper knowledge and experience.They must try to be confidence and have fresh and cool mind while trading in this business.

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    The best way to reduce stress and fear is trading with basics and following the correct money management principle and technique and to have steady growth and profits we must trade by maintaining 1:2 risk to rewards ratio, so that we can have stress and tension free trading.

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    Fear and stress is basically a normal experience that most traders experience, I can't say for sure the solution to this because I myself is a victim, although this stress and fear can be more intenced when you hope for to much gain and you use high lot size, due to the fact that your lot size is high you'll find it difficult to focus or even leave your chart to do something else, trading forex is very risky so its important that you learn to control thiss rrisk by learning to trade and applying low lot size to reduce the tension.

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    If you are gain the proper knowledge about the Forex trading business. and the maximum amount of the knowledge . the you can't dear the Forex trading business.If you want to reduce the stress Form the Forex business the you will be enjoy the job and you must like the business. This is a easy business for the all trader. If you once join this company the you be more enjoy the job.

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    Forex trading will become stressful if you make loose and if you do not have proper knowledge about the price movement.
    So Before you do real trading, start learning a lot then do demo practice which will reduce your half of risk of stress.
    now to decrease the trading hour stress listen music, read books, eat healthy food and drinks etc or else do what ever you love to do.'

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    Forex trading is such a trading where skill and knowledge are the key to success. If we able to become experienced, then we can able to reduce fear in our trading. Even, we need to continue trade with small lot through which we can able to protect our trading capital from huge loss.

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    Forex is great trade for me and it is my dream and by this dream i can earn a lot of money.Forex is good trade for me cause i can earn money from this trade.You can involve this trade and earn money from this trade.Thanks to all Robo forex user.

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    forex trading though a profitable business it is a very risky and hard business that we may get loss sometime. when we get loss we get stress and fear.we have to reduce this stress and fear. to do that we have to practice more and more in demo account.

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    yes this is the mean problem which is reducing the numbers of newbies in the market of the forex day by day and to control this problem i have a best way that you can practice market for 2 month or 3 months in demo account and after that you start on the real account and this is my gurrantee that you will find an accuracy more then before in your forex trading.....

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