Its forex is a gamble?
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Thread: Its forex is a gamble?

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    Angry Its forex is a gamble?

    Many traders like to do gamble in this business they think that its a business of gamble and betting from where we can become rich within one day trading and they play always gamble in this business for you what is forex is it a gamble or betting?

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    Yes Forex is a gamble.As people take risky action to earn more profit in the Forex trading business.But is very important to learn and gain more knowledge about Forex market to take risk and earn a huge amount of profit.Good planning,strategy and analysis is very important to trade successfully in this business.

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    Forex isn't gambling although the risk factor involved might make it sound as if forex is a gamble,basically trading forex is the exchange if currencies, and there are certain factors that makes a currency fluctuate ,knowing this factors would give you a edge in analysing the currency market, for a newbie it might seem like forex is gambling but for an expert forex is a risky asset where opportunities exist.

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    No dear, forex is not a gambling. It is the real business and in this business earning money has never be ends but it is very difficult business so earning money in this business never be ends. Without any hard work and practice, we will face much loss and even blow the account very quickly.

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    Gamble is just a prediction either winning side or loosing side, while Forex market involves a lot of things, it needs high level of knowledge and implementing skills. Wild guess will does not work here. It needs hard work, smart mind and lot of learning and practice, so their is no comparison between Forex trading and gambling.

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    No forex is not a gambling because this is pure business and if you will take like a game so then you can loss your money and you can fall down in the market.. but if you will be serious in this business so then you can earn money and you can get success..

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    no its not a gamble. it is business. where we face profit and loss both is called bussiness. then forex is also business because we face profit loss both. here. if u can take risk u can earn money easily. here knowledge also needed ..

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    I found Forex is a business. But it is gambling to some traders. Recently I saw trader making over 30000$ in a week from his 500$. It means 60 times gain in only 5 days trading only. But such type of luck does not go with me. Whenever I tried to take risk I lost my money. I just say trade sincerely and make money slow and steady.

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    I think that Forex is not gambling.Forex works much like other investment business that it is just a trade.There are operations such as the sale and purchase of real trade.Forex works based on supply and demand. And who says Forex gambling is either a loser or that he hates Forex.But the risk in trading in this market is high,that's true.The risk is as much as gambling I think.

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    forex is not gambling, that trade and work needed to learn, training and experience success and gain. I think that without the training and experience you will lose. forex should be taken very seriously until we succeed because it does not depend on luck like gambling.

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