Margin call is your mirror
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Thread: Margin call is your mirror

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    Margin call is your mirror

    Well you know mirror function yeah when we bring face fron of it shows our face ! though i am handsome but don't want to tell you
    so lets back to the point , what is margin call not in the mean of terms , in means of trading slap for a trader i mean you are a bad traders so its shows what you are , so its between the margin call can be a mirror for any trader at any time and if so happens what would you do and what do you think about the margin call!

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    Yes, a margin call is indeed a reflection of the trading skills that we have. So we do not get too sad when we get a margin call. We need to make a margin call as a measure of the value that we get to learn forex, and if we are increasingly rarely get a margin call, meaning our trading ability is increasing.

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    Am fuly awear of the difficulties of life,so ill try to bounce back
    Margin call ,this experience is common with new traders or novice, this occurs when you lack proper risk management skill and also when your trading strategy is poor in terms if the result you achieve, and also this can be as a result of the fact that your orders are based on assumptions ,so to avoid getting a margin call or stop out ill advice thaf you apply risk management tools and learn to control your actions while trading.

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    Yes, margin can can bring us big experience also. I faced 2 times margin call and the experience of those margin call prevented me in further margin call. Though we trying to avoid margin call always, but the experience of any margin call is also very important to know the authentication of margin call. We need to take taste of margin call also to become a full-filled established trader.

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    Yes, you are right margin call is like a mirror that show us why we doing trading at Forex. Margin call is the signal that set for if we are getting lose our capital and belongs to zero capital that terminated our business then margin call show a signal for stopping lose and execute trading without lose if trader do it.

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    Yup this is very true because if you will never working fine and no follow rules so then you can loss your money. and then margin call always with you. this is true but if you will working as a professional and be care full so then you can not see margin call.

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    I am here in Forex to earn money for betterment of my life, After 1 year I have experienced a lot ( may be it is small in number as compare to whole knowledge) trade in small quantity and save your capital for future trading as it has huge opportunity and also learnt after 3 times blown up my margin that Avoid margin call.
    SO I never want to see that again in my trading account as it has a ugly face which does not hamper my account as well as my mental condition.

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    There are some indicators in the Forex trading. among these margin call is the most important factor. the margin call is considered as the measurement of our enlargement of our trading condition. When one trader get a margin call, don't be upset it is the indicator for you that your business condition is improving. So the traders should know the importance of margin call.

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    Sure, any perimeter contact should indeed be any expression with the investing expertise that individuals have got. thus we all aren't getting also unhappy once we get yourself a perimeter contact. we must produce a perimeter contact being a measure of the worth that individuals arrive at understand forex trading,

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    There are some indicators in Forex trading. This is the most important factor in a margin call. Margin calls are considered as a measure of the enlargement of us in our trading conditions. One trader get a margin call, it is to improve your business conditions index for you to be upset. So traders should know the importance of margin calls.

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