Patience and Discipline
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Thread: Patience and Discipline

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    Patience and Discipline

    During trading in this business most of trader suggest patience and discipline in trading I also think that patience and discipline are much needed things in forex what you want to say about that? Share your opinion.

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    There is no compromise with this two elements of a human quality . i have seen many trader who are trading for long time in the forex market and they are making profit for being highly disciplined and keeping their patience in the forex trading . Mainly , patience is the most important element for a trader to get profit or to make a good entry .

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    Sir I think these both things are very important in forex first of all patience is very necessary otherwise if you not maintain any patience in forex then it will very hard to reduce our losses in forex and our losses will increase in large points day by day and discipline is also necessary to maintain a good trading environment all around of us so sir both are necessary in forex.

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    Patience is a virtue and so also the discipline but discipline is not what you can learn through somebody, you will have to teach yourself as you practise both in demo and live account. There is need for patience as well if we are to make good profits in trading, opportunity to make money will surely come if we are patient enough to wait for it because he patient dog eats the fattest bone.

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    Patience and discipline is a very important part of Forex trading.With out patience and discipline no trader can get success in this business.Every trader should try to know how to be patience and discipline in this business if they want to earn a huge amount of profit and success in their trade.If they know then they can become a successful trader in Forex tarding.

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    In the Forex trading patience and discipline is very important part of the Forex trading business.without patience and discipline you can't do this job. patience and discipline is everything in the Forex trading. If they know then they can become a successful trader in the Forex trading business.patienc and discipline is the important part of the business.

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    Forex market needs lot many things together to get success.
    1st of all trader need to have proper knowledge.
    then he should do lot of practice in demo to know his own knowledge level accuracy as well as will learn new lesson from each success and fail trade.
    Then you need to keep patience when you start trading in real account, as in long run you get opportunity from making benefit out of compounding your margin with profit.

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    I think patience is more important than discipline. With the patience in market analysis and trading we can expect to become a good and profitable trader. Our trading success and failure depends on our trading skill, specially on proper market analyzing ability.

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    Wow, that `s you can be a source of foreign exchange earnings for full-time again, but all of that is taken appropriately so you can gain` T Right, because I agree with you that there can be great for you? If you get a job or you re-start the online business can be dangerous if it `s better

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    If you do not have good money management will pay the difference , which is that you want to use in the Forex market is high or low amount of capital . But higher capital than capital pips lower with the higher capital could be put, because it was right , your account will be safe . You better money management with 5-10 dollars , but if just to be safe enough for trading .

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    We have to loyal with our strategy in trading. Don't always change it when we get big loss. That's nothing wrong about our strategy, just trade with proper management that we have designed. That's why we need discipline here. Without discipline, we can't get stable profit for long time in forex market. Trade with patience can make us get benefit from trading. Don't be greedy cause it can make became uncontrolled trader. Don't try to make open position with high lot size without safe planning trading strategy. I think we have agreed that patience and discipline is key success for trading in forex market.

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