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    trading digital currencies

    With the expectation of earning money, many traders are now taking interest to make speculation in digital currencies. Every trader though has different alternatives like Bit-coin, Lite-coin, Ripple, Etherum, etc., every trader must try to pick up only the valuable sorts of crypto currencies here. Yes, all over again, no trader can expect to enjoy full security even in the digital currency market as this market has no regulatory authority like forex.

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    There is nothing surprising. The market doesn't like stagnation. Cryptocurrency has already found its niche and this is good. As for security, if you look at the private eth btc exchange then the security of the transaction is usually guaranteed by double authentication and blockchain protocol. If there is something that can be profitable, then let it be.

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    Cryptocurrencies could offer great trading opportunities due to their volatility - even 20% intraday movements are quite common for crypto market while it is almost impossible in Forex. That is why crypto markets could be very interesting for experienced traders. At the same time, it is important to pay attention to several aspects:
    1. Lack of information. It is quite difficult to find information on events causing changes in prices of crypto assests. But since technical analysis works almost the same way as for any other instrument, it is possible to use it to make trading decisions. For example, you can easily find all well-known price patterns on the chart of any cryptocurrency.
    2. Lack of liquidity. Total trading volume is divided among numerous crypto exchanges because there is no centralized marketplace for cryptocurrencies. This situation may lead to the lack of liquidity on certain exchanges or sudden price spikes caused by execution of large orders.
    3. Lack of regulation. All crypto exchanges are decentralized and all crypto assests are stored on the accounts of exchange itself, so the trader can lose all his funds in case if crypto exchange will be hacked or found bankrupt. The only way to minimize this risk is to store you crypto assets on your own wallet, but this approach is mostly for investing rather than trading.
    Despite all risks and possible disadvantages, crypto trading achieves more and more popularity nowadays, creating outstanding opportunities for those who will be able to find their own way to use specific features of cryprtocurrecies in thier favour.

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