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Thread: How to Install MT4 on LINUX

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    Well, how to install mt4 trading platform in any operating system is not hard at all, honestly it is very easy and simple for any person to install mt4 trading platform in any operating system that he or she makes use. However Linux operating systems is a good one and i don't think it will be a hard thing to do, well due to some reason novice might find it difficult but installation of mt4 platform is the same as other apps that we install in our daily lives.

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    I have seen issues with installing trading platforms on multiple operating systems. Some times, using operating systems that have limited support such as Linux and Ubuntu is not recommended.
    My suggestion is to install the windows operating system on your machine alongside the Linux and then install the metatrader on the windows os.
    This is basically because of the user support that is available to you.

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    MT4 in linux will be good and will work well and this will be helpful for the traders that use linux system and so they can be able to setup the meta trader and trade with it, the trader can be able to use the meta trader on any system because it can be setup on different systems and so this gives a chance for all traders to trade and make money.

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    Well, how to install an MT4 trading platform on an operating system is not difficult, any operating system on any operating system, it is very easy and easy to install the MT5 trading platform. But the Linux operating system is good and I do not think it's a tough job, because for some reason the young can make it difficult, but the MT4 platform is similar to other installations applications that we install every day we live.

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    it is not difficult to install your meta trader platform in your linux all you need a software that can run and work on .exe file because windows OS work on .exe extension and linux OS doesnt support this extension so this kind of software will help you to run .exe extension file on your linux,one of the best software is WINE to run these types of files.

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    I have never try the metatrader 4 platform in Linux système I use Android version is good and simple try to install the bluestacks in Linux system and than install the Android version of metatrader 4 platform and Will be work for you I hope that my idea be benefit for you and thank you for your question

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    i used to experiment with linux on aws ec2 vps with ubuntu 18.04 with mt4 - at least all this installation not for begginers

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