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    Bit-coin trading

    Today’s financial markets have been expanded to many significant segments where Bit-coin, a digital currency is one of the most common names. Though Ripple, Etherum, etc. crypto currencies also have been traded extensively, today Bit-coin has been a foremost digital currency in the face of the traders. But no issue which is your desired currency or currencies, you must try to pick up a verified platform even for your crypto currency trading.

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    Since Bitcoin is the most popular cryptocurrency, trading volumes are high enough not only for swing/mid-term trading, but for active daytrading too. At the same time, each trader interested in crypto trading should keep in mind that this kind of trading has several specific features.
    First one is decentralized structure. There is no one universal marketplace, so you can buy and sell digital assets on numerous exchanges. Sometimes the price on the same asset could differ substantially, that creates arbitrage opporunities.
    Another important point is that it is qute difficult to evaluate fundamental factors impacting the price of digital currencies. In general, crypto prices are mostly affected by changes in crypto regulation because the demand depends on possible ways to use tokens in civil circulation. Each new favorable regulation adopted impacts the prices positively because it creates new opportunities for those who hold cryptocurrency. At the same time, additional restrictions imposed by regulating authorities could make market participants to sell their tokens. That is why traders interested in cryptcurrenices should create a list of the most reliable and trusted sources and monitor all news related to crypto regulations to be acknowledged on the most important rules and regulations.

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    Hi can you recommend some thread on this forum or maybe a book where I can read about Bitcoin and Dash traiding? I was reading your post but there are many blind spots for me due to sheer lack of knowledge. Thanks so much!

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