Just inquisitive if associate degreeyone is aware of of an indicator just like the one announce below?

This one paints a trailing stop loss on top of or below value supported the typical True vary. i feel this specific indicator was meant for a stop and reverse kind strategy. However, the matter with this one is once a candle initial breaks the trailing stop line, the printing operation on the alternative facet of value doesn't seem till one candle later. so if you were employing a stop and reverse strategy, you would not understand wherever your initial stop loss ought to be till one candle later, that just about renders this indicator useless.


I've looked for different indicators like this and have found seven by totally different names, and that they all have identical downside. therefore will associate degreeyone understand of an indicator that works identical as this one, however paints a replacement trailing stop line on the alternative facet of value "immediately" the previous line is broken, on identical basis that the PSAR indicator like a shot paints a replacement dot?

Any assistance is as forever greatly appreciated.