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    I was said the author of this model is Alexander Makarov. He explored what unites all successful traders according to their trading systems. It turned out that their systems are very similar and based on the same ideas. I'll tell you what kind of ideas they are, I will give the subjective interpretation of them, and in the end I’ll offer an opportunity to expand this model. But first things first.

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    Quote Originally Posted by madhujella View Post
    its not good to focus on gold trading because in the gold spread is too much and new comers may face lose and may get out of the markey. so its better to trade safe and work with good knowledge
    those as trader might gains with the return of work with the moderation as referring use with one of the option on preparing the better chance as entering market on requesting of good exchange on manage with the good commitments as applying series with the technical arrange to comply with the modest on work with the monitoring and evaluation.

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    FX brokers are predominantly remunerated through the 'bid-ask spread' of a currency pair. Your first need is to complete research, with the point of finding whether a broker has an outstanding reputation and whether they are ready to meet your requirements. Most by far of the primary Forex brokers will allow forthcoming customers to test their administrations with a training or demo trading account so they can acquire a decent comprehension of what the framework is really similar to. It would be insightful of you to test out the same number of trading platforms as you can preceding choosing which broker to utilize.

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