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    demo for crypto currency trading

    We all traders know the function of basic demo trading account. At the current time, as many forex traders are taking good interest on the trading of crypto currencies, many forex brokers are allowing demo trades even for the crypto platform. Some brokers are actually providing demo approaches for new babies or for those who have lack of knowledge regarding crypto currencies which is almost similar to the traditional real currencies’ demo approach.

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    Cryptocurrencies demo account is possible with roboforex, it is just like the real account and it is perfect to testing strategies before live trading. Like I have been saying in my previous post cryptocurrencies is quite more risky than forex because of the volatility and the lack of fundamental news for making analysis but with thorough technical analysis, you can have a good edge in the market. Also the market is opened 24 hours a day and 7 days a week so there is more opportunities to make money.

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    The world of crypto can seem intimidating at first glance. However, it is a fascinating and relatively new method of trading that will likely just become more and more dominant as the months pass. In addition to reading basic articles concerning cryptocurrency to get a basic idea, there are several interactive methods in which you can practice trading before actually investing your money.

    An underrated method to do so is through an app called Blockium. This app is beneficial in starting to understand cryptos because it is absolutely free to use, so theres no risk.

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    There is a number of things that we should put into consideration when trading bitcoin, and the very first one is that bitcoin usually drives with the perfect market rush, its for example, the other day , it was just 3500 and now we are at 9000 plus these is a good sign that you can depend on its volatility , how ever its not something you can predict, when you look at bitcoin, most people look for events of sometimes who is endorsing or using bitcoin , the other day it took a jump when warren buffet said he might use bitcoin in trading forex these being that warren is a well know investor , who understands the stock market.

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